Shipping + Returns

All our items ship from Los Angeles, or Singapore.

At this time, we don't do refunds. However, should there be any obvious, major issues with the item you receive, we'd love to send you a replacement! Please send us an email with the item number and include a photo of the damage where possible. We also accept the return of damaged products.

Before requesting for a replacement, we hope you consider two factors:

1) All our items are hand-made and we are involved in the making of your product from start to end – this begins from sustainably sourcing the leather, to personally cutting the material so it is fit for repurposing, to hammering in holes, to hand-stitching the final product. Because of this, it is only natural that an item comes with the markings of a handcrafted product.

2) We only use unwanted scrap leather and refuse to buy an entire hide on its own for ethical reasons. With that said, some of our products may show prior signs of use. We might not know the past life of the leather you now own, but we hope you can still appreciate and accept them the way they are, little scruffs and all.